Fall Decorating – Gold Ombre Pumpkins

I love the Fall! The crisp air, leaves changing color, the nostalgia of going back to college after a long summer, and of course the apple picking!

applesA friend of mine recently moved back to the area after a few years out West, and just down the street from her new place are a cluster of apple orchards. Alan and I made our way down to meet her and her boyfriend and a few hours later, we had ourselves a couple sacks of apples, a belly full of apple cider donuts, and an arm full of mini pumpkins!

What to do with all these miniature pumpkins? Turn them into festive decor, of course. I will admit, sometimes pumpkin orange just doesn’t go with your home’s color palette.  But a little gold paint and a paint brush will take you a long way (or you can use spray paint as an alternative).

Layer the gold paint onto the pumpkin, using varying amounts of paint for each one. The end result: gold ombre pumpkins! How cute are these little guys – and they only took minutes to make.


Now to decide what to do with all those apples…


This Week’s Obsession: Soaking Tubs

We all want what we can’t have, right? Well right now I’m wanting a soaking tub. Since we live in an apartment, I refuse to take a bath in our tub no matter how hard I scrub. I get so grossed out thinking of all the people who have bathed in there before me…yuck. But a nice bath is just so great once in a while. Like after a rough day at the gym when all you want to do is relax your muscles. For now, all I can do is dream of a perfect soaking tub for my future home….

metal wrapped soaking tub

Image: Color Outside the Lines


Image: Habitual Bliss


Image: Christina Murphy Interiors

This Week’s Obsession: Fresh Spring Flowers

Fresh flowers really can brighten up any room. I absolutely adore vases of flowers throughout the home, especially during Spring. There’s just no room they don’t look pretty in! Below: my home office, living room and kitchen (please excuse the creased tablecloth, I haven’t had time to iron). Don’t they bring extra life to these spaces? Fresh flowers are a must this Spring!




Happy 30th Birthday Kristina!


Today is my sister’s 30th birthday party. That’s her to with the ‘stache looking charming as ever. (Photo from the fabulous HK Photography.)

I wanted to get her something extra thoughtful since 30 is kind of a big deal. It all started with this Pottery Barn jewelry box, because what girl wouldn’t want a beautiful place to store her precious pieces?


Then it turned into thinking ‘A jewelry box without jewelry in it? Lame.’ So some of her closest friends and I got together to get her something wonderful. We ended up finding a beautiful rose gold eternity ring with white diamonds – for her middle finger so it doesn’t look like a wedding band.

I love that it’s simple & delicate enough to layer, and pretty enough to wear alone. I don’t know the name of the designer, but it looks similar to these from Ylang|23:

Pic1  pic2

Happy birthday Kristina, love you.

Wedding Inspiration

BlushGoldThe ever-so-popular blush, ivory, and gold combo is sweet, romantic, clean, and elegant – exactly why Alan and I have chosen it for our Spring wedding. I won’t give away all the details. You’ll have to wait and see!

Image credits, left to right: Belle Magazine, One to Wed, Botanical Brouhaha, The Chriselle FactorWedding Wire, Brides, Weddingbee

This Week’s Obsession: Herringbone

herringbone tile

Image from Boho Farm and Home


Image from Hotel Chic

I’ve had a mild to moderate obsession with herringbone recently, especially when it comes to tile work. Herringbone fireplaces, entry way tiles, bathrooms…be still my heart!

Since our landlord would not likely appreciate hand-laid tile work by an amateur like myself, I’ve started my latest project: a herringbone mirror. The vision: using a combination of gold and silver mirror tiles in a herringbone pattern. No frame or border, just raw edges. Stay tuned for the result…

Whet Your Whistle


One of my favorite things in my apartment is my bar. No, not because it’s filled with the most delicious of wines and scotches, but because it was so fun to decorate! For me, decorating small areas feels less intimidating. I can focus on each individual piece a little more. I love this mix of gold, black, and crystal. What do you think?