Fall Decorating – Gold Ombre Pumpkins

I love the Fall! The crisp air, leaves changing color, the nostalgia of going back to college after a long summer, and of course the apple picking!

applesA friend of mine recently moved back to the area after a few years out West, and just down the street from her new place are a cluster of apple orchards. Alan and I made our way down to meet her and her boyfriend and a few hours later, we had ourselves a couple sacks of apples, a belly full of apple cider donuts, and an arm full of mini pumpkins!

What to do with all these miniature pumpkins? Turn them into festive decor, of course. I will admit, sometimes pumpkin orange just doesn’t go with your home’s color palette.  But a little gold paint and a paint brush will take you a long way (or you can use spray paint as an alternative).

Layer the gold paint onto the pumpkin, using varying amounts of paint for each one. The end result: gold ombre pumpkins! How cute are these little guys – and they only took minutes to make.


Now to decide what to do with all those apples…


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