Cakes & Pies, Cakes & Pies

We’ve been lucky with our wedding vendors so far. We absolutely loved the first photographer and DJ we met with. Cakes on the other hand seems to be more of a challenge. Ok, maybe I’ve spoken too soon since we’ve only met with one so far. But we just didn’t love her and there’s no need to settle with so many cakes to be tasted! In addition to cake, we’re going to have a dessert table if someone wants an extra sweet little nibble after dinner. Not a huge elaborate dessert table, but beautifully displayed…aesthetics are #1 on my list for the wedding day. If it doesn’t look pretty I don’t want anything to do with it (there may be an ounce of bridezilla in me). But I digress. I’m not sure exactly which look of the cake I like best. I want to keep it simple and clean and elegant but still gorgeous. Here are some ideas.


A Simple Cake, NYC – Image via Cloud 9 Weddings & Events


Don’t like the weird gold flower but love the bottom. Image via Strictly Weddings


Image via Sweet & Saucy Shop


Image via Society Bride

What’s your fave? Let me know in the comments!


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